Discover the Future of digital payments with FidyPay at gff!

FidyPay at Global FinTech Fest 2023, Mumbai, India

5th-7th September 2023

Booth K–9

Embrace the Revolution
With Innovative Fintech Solution!

Global FinTech Fest is one of the premier events for budding entrepreneurs in the digital finance domain. And, FidyPay is all set to leverage its potential to share its innovations, discoveries and ground-breaking technology with everyone in this gathering.

As the FinTech ecosystem is booming at a very rapid pace, the players of this industry are contributing to the best of their abilities to expand the digital payments landscape. At FidyPay, we have been working hard towards taking the FinTech market revenue to not billions but trillions in the upcoming times.

And there’s a complete process and approach that we have adopted in pursuit of scaling our service and audience reach to make it happen. At the GFF 2023, you all will have the chance to understand how we position ourselves in the market and what makes us stand out in the crowd.

The digital payments landscape is now standardising with a specific set of FinTech solutions. But, in this year’s GFF, we intend to showcase how FidyPay has always been beyond the basic standardizations. We aren’t just empowering businesses to integrate FinTech solutions into their business operations but are encouraging them to expand their use of it.

Services We Offer!

Connected Banking





Join FidyPay at GFF 2023!

If you are a FinTech enthusiast and want to learn more about how you can bring it live into your business solutions, join us at one of the biggest FinTech events in India, GFF 2023. We are excited to present our stand-out FinTech solutions with API Banking, eNACH, eKYC, PoS Solutions and much more.

Our efforts in revamping the FinTech space are evident, and we want to represent it among you all. So, join us at this event and be part of our journey of empowering businesses and citizens of India to embrace the benefits of digital finance solutions

Join us at Global FinTech Fest GFF 2023

Get ready to witness a groundbreaking showcase of fintech innovations as FidyPay hits the floor at GFF 2023. We are excited to reveal our groundbreaking Connected Banking, eNACH Solution, eKYC Solution, UPI QR Code Solutions, and BBPS. We are determined to reshape the FinTech landscape.

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