Micro Insurance

Micro Insurance

What is Micro Insurance?

Micro insurance is a financial arrangement to protect low-income customers against specific perils in
exchange for regular surcharge payments proportionate to the likelihood and cost of the risk involved. It is
synonymous to result-based financing arrangements, including community health funds, mutual health
organizations, health insurance, revolving drugs funds, and community involvement in user-fee management.

General Micro Insurance:

It covers health insurance, personal accidents, and assets such as livestock, hut, etc. This product can be
availed at an individual or a group basis.

Life Micro Insurance:

It can be purchased at an individual or a group level and with or without an accident benefit. Such plans
can also be related to health insurance.

How does it work?

  • These policies are distributed via Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs),
    Self-help Groups, and Micro-finance Institutions.
  • They have the privilege to offer combined covers or a packaged product
    belonging to either the General Insurance or the Life Insurance category.
  • The premium for such plans is nominal to widen the stick out and secure
    engagement at a large scale.


  • Term Micro Insurance
  • Endowment/Pension Micro Insurance
  • Health Micro Insurance
  • Property Microinsurance


  • An accessible risk-management tool to reduce financial vulnerability in
    times of adversity.
  • The affordable premium of such plans is an incentive for better reach in
    an organized manner.
  • Covers the policyholder’s financial liability as per the chosen plan.
  • Positive change in poor people’s perception of insurance.

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