Payment Links

Payment Links

Receive Payments Instantly with Payment Link Integration. Share your payment links via Chatbot, SMS, Email, or Messenger, and get paid quickly. Collecting payments from the customers is just a payment link away!

Simple Steps to Accept Payments Through Payment Links

  • Generate a Payment Link via API.
  • Enter the Customer’s Contact Details.
  • Share the Payment Link via Email, SMS, Whatsapp, or Any Other Preferred Platform.
  • Accept Payments and Get Notified in Real-Time.

Within a matter of minutes, accept payments via multiple payment modes, including net banking, credit card, debit card, international payments, UPI, EMI, and others.

Integration Without Website

Don’t have a website or application for receiving payments? Accept payments from your customers online with Payment Links.

Alternative Option of Payment Collection

Payment Link can be an easier substitute for point-of-sale payment collection and cash on delivery.

Sharing on Social Media

Sharing payment links over social media through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others gives a quick option for checkout to your customers.

Chatbot Integration

Integrating Payment Links on Chatbots allows users to have a seamless paying experience on your platform.

Create Multiple Payment Links at a Time and Share

Intimate several customers in one go by simply using the web dashboard. While FidyPay Payment Links are powerful and versatile, and simple to use too. Use our vigorous Payment Gateway to collect payments from customers with simple link integration. With international payments support, you may also accept payments through international cards through our Payment Links.

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you to better understand all about our product.

Consider a customer has to make a payment to a merchant online. The customer will ask for the bank account details of the merchant to make a payment. Instead of going through all the hassle, the merchant can share a Payment Link with the customer. The specified amount will automatically appear when the customer clicks the payment link. The customer can choose to complete the payment via any UPI app or banking feature. Even if the customer is at a remote location, payment links can help a merchant collect the payment.

Payment links generated via FidyPay’s API can be shared easily with customers. You aren’t confined to any particular platform or social media site for sharing the payment link. One can share the payment links with customers via email or SMS. Be it any platform, customers will see the exact amount after clicking the payment link. One can also share payment links to customers via social media platforms. Merchants can share payment links with customers on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other social media sites. Merchants can even integrate the payment link on the chatbot to make it easy for the customer.

Payment links are beneficial for merchants as well as customers. Merchants can share payment links with customers via any digital platform. On the other hand, customers can choose from several payment modes. Once a customer receives a payment link, they have the liberty to select any payment method. Customers can use any UPI application to complete the payment mentioned in a payment link. Debit or credit cards can also be used to make payments to the merchant. Payment links also support payments via net banking and international payment.

FidyPay allows merchants and businesses to generate payment links quickly without any hassle. Even if a merchant doesn’t have a dedicated website or mobile application, they can create payment links with FidyPay. The steps to generate payments links with FidyPay are as follows:

  1. With the API offered by FidyPay, one can generate the payment link.
  2. Enter the payment amount for the payment link.
  3. Enter the customer contact info before sharing a payment link.
  4. Share the payment link with the customer via any social media site, SMS, or email.
  5. Collect payments from customers and get notified about them in real-time with FidyPay.

With payment links, you can choose to receive money directly in your bank account. Payments links also help with remote customer management as you cannot accept cash from remote customers. You will receive a notification after a customer pays the amount mentioned in a payment link. Keeping receipts for cash payments is tricky but is easy for online payments