Should Small Businesses Integrate Payment Links in Their App?

integrate payment links

Should Small Businesses Integrate Payment Links in Their App?

The ultimate goal of any small business is to attract customers to buy from them. When they finally buy, you should make payment as easy for them as possible. This is why integrating Payment Links in your app or website seems to be helpful. These links are cost-effective options to quickly process electronic transactions. You can send them to your clients within a few clicks and give them a route to complete their payment.

How does an online payment link work? What benefits does it provide to your small business? Here is a brief guide where we will look at everything related to them, and should small companies add Payment Links in their app?

What are Payment Links?

Once your customers confirm their decision to purchase from you, you can send them an online Payment Link to request payment from them. They work as a ‘Pay Now’ button that you send to your customers and ask them to pay the price once they confirm their purchase. You may send these links to your customers via messaging apps, SMS, or email, which means you get multiple channels to engage with your buyers.

When your customer receives your payment link, they click it, and the link directs them to their preferred mode of payment gateway. You may use different types of payment link options, including credit card processors, e-wallet processors, net banking processors, and others. When your customers decide to buy and want to confirm their purchase by paying you the price, they click the payment link and finalise the transaction. Then you send them an order confirmation and start processing the order.

What Types of Small Businesses Should Use Payment Links?

Almost all types of small businesses can add Payment Links in their app and gain the benefits. Online retailers can attach it to their electronic invoices to send to their customers via message or email. Some of these links work with QR codes and other payment processing programs to accelerate the transaction at the retail level.

B2B businesses may add these links in their invoices for quicker payment, as links help you receive faster payments. When you have Payment Links in place, you don’t need to depend on physical statement mailing. Add automated links for payment in your app or website and notice a fast improvement in your account issuing and creditor collecting systems. Generate payment links, share them with your buyers through your preferred channel, and accept payments using credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, UPI, EMI, or International Payments.

Smaller retailers no longer need to set up card machines to accept payments. Try Payment Links instead. With link capabilities, your small business can start accepting payments no matter where your physical location is. Simply generate the link and send it to your customers. Your customers will receive their link to pay immediately, with which they can make their payment using their preferred payment processor.

Benefits of Integrating Payment Links in Your App

Payments Made Easier for the Customers

Simply put, Payment Links make it easier for your customers to pay for their purchase and finalise their order. Your customers get the freedom to choose their preferred mode of payment. Ensure that your link accepts payments from all the top processors so that you can give a wide choice to your customers. You may also provide your customers the power to choose their currency, especially if you deal with international clients.

Instant Payment Collection from Any Location

Payment Link providers understand that small businesses want their payments on the go. It is a fact that a large majority of e-commerce purchases take place on mobile devices only. Therefore, the payment pages need to be optimised for an enhanced payment experience on smaller screens. The payment processor should be easy to navigate on smartphones, allowing your customers to make their payments anytime, anywhere.

Option to Add Plug-Ins

With the option of Payment Links, small businesses may add other plug-ins to make payments even faster and easier, such as e-wallet options. You don’t need to be a technical expert to integrate payment links in your app and send them to your customers. The process is simple with the help of payment link generators.

Real-Time Payment Collection

Online Payment Links allow you to send payment requests to your customers in real-time. The system automatically fills the payment request form with the money to be paid. When your customer receives the link, they choose their payment gateway, after which they are directed to their one-click portal for payment authorisation.

Good Impression

Sending Payment Links to your customers makes an impression that you are staying up-to-date with the latest technological improvements in the FinTech sector. This boosts your brand loyalty and relieves any doubt your customers might be having. It is an entirely secure and intuitive system of payment designed with customer’s confidentiality in mind.

Key Takeaways

In the end, these are some key takeaways of integrating Payment Links for your small business:

1. 24/7 online payment without any hassle
2. Allow customers to pay their invoice at their convenience, irrespective of place and time
3. Give your customers an option to choose their preferred mode of payment and currency
4. Safe and secure way of collecting payments to increase customer confidence
5. Boost efficiency with notifications of payment links
6. No need for paperwork
7. No longer use of outdated payment systems
8. Error-free payment collection and processing
9. Timely payments in real-time
10. Payment records stored online

So, if you are a small business owner looking for a simplified payment collection process, integrate Payment Links in your app and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Get in touch with FidyPay that can help you integrate these links in your app or website and make the entire process streamlined for your business.

Send us your query at or call us at 623 208 2424 to avail of our services and for more information.

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