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Unlock the power of seamless financial services with FidyPay – your all-in-one platform for streamlined payment solutions, recurring payments, and gift card issuance, tailored to enhance your customer’s experience.

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Welcome to FidyPay
As a BaaS Platform

With the trust of numerous businesses across India, FidyPay boasts its seamless banking API integration services to meet all your financial service offering needs. Whether providing flexible EMIs to your customers or issuing prepaid cards for your employees/consumers, we have dedicated APIs to infuse your platform with financial services of all types. Being one of the best BaaS providers, we ensure our banking APIs will help you speed up your financial product launch by 10 times.

Let’s Have A Look At What We Have to Offer!

FidyPay is among the stand-out BaaS platform providers for your business to enable financial services through the plug & play APIs. It means your app will be ready to deliver the desired services quickly! Let’s see what we have to offer for your business idea:

API Banking






Customized POS

Prepaid Card

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Streamline Faster Integrations of Banking API’s

Even with the humongous competition in this arena, FidyPay is not just about building digital finance solutions; we partner to co-create the products. Our team is dedicated to understanding your long-term business goals and will tailor the APIs and their features to meet them over time. Irrespective of whether you are a FinTech or a non-FinTech start-up, if there are financial services involved in your business domain, FidyPay is the best Banking as a Service platform for you to count on. 

Immediate Solutions for Developers Around India

We have APIs ready to deploy as soon as the need comes. These APIs have been designed in the best way to ensure that customers don’t have to go through the issues of finance while making their payments. We integrate technology and finance solutions to create the best options for clients. With our API solutions, your business can thrive and grow successfully.

Plug & Play APIs

Our APIs are easy to integrate into your existing business platform, enabling you to get started with your business offerings in just a short span of time.

Security and Compliance

FidyPay ensures to deliver you secured platform space to ensure the safety & security of the client and consumer details. We also follow strict security and compliance protocols to ensure your critical business data stays safe. 

Large Stack

We have a big technology stack, which we implement to develop customisable APIs for varying finance solutions. Whether payments, collections or other banking solutions, we have a dedicated tech stack to develop your custom APIs. 

Reduced Marketing

Even though we have to build your products from scratch, you will can take the minimal time possible to complete the integrations. As a result, you won’t miss out on your decided launch dates. 

Leverage the Potential of Our
Flexible & Custom FinTech Solutions

As of today, almost all businesses need to integrate with legacy banking services. But, without proper supervision, guidance and service experts, businesses often experience numerous challenges. When the APIs were first introduced, they had a lot of loopholes and errors, which made businesses bear more losses than profits. As of today, the APIs have evolved, and FidyPay, being one of the best Banking as a Service providers, contributes to the industry immensely. We offer flexible and customisable FinTech API solutions at a nominal price tag. 


Easy-to-use services made available for the consumers, such as availing flexible EMI, setting up automated bill payments, etc. 

Consumer Services

Easy-to-use services made available for the consumers, such as availing flexible EMI, setting up automated bill payments, etc. dsfdsfsd

Commercial Payment

If you are frequently making payments to employees or other businesses, such as salaries, wages, employee expenses or superannuation. 

Finanace Managment

Finance management is all about planning, directing, controlling and organising financial activities, such as the utilisation & procurement of funds. 

Personalized Solutions

We can also offer banking APIs for your business in association with valuable products or services to customers based on historical consumer data or personal experiences. 

Choose FidyPay to Adopt Seamless Fintech Solutions

Simplicity, Affordability, and Security, all in one place. It is time for financial services to be made available for consumers at ease. And, with the rise of FinTech start-ups in India, this has been made easier! FidyPay is at the forefront for all FinTech start-ups to make these services more accessible to banking and non-banking businesses. 

Scalable Products

Our products are customisable and are aligned to meet your business goals. We understand your business objectives might change in the long run. No worries, as we can help upgrade the APIs to accommodate your new service needs on demand. 

Customizable Solutions

Tailored configuration is the key, and our teams are proficient enough to cater to those needs. To ensure your business stands out in the market, our FidyPay APIs can be tuned to meet the purpose. 

Secure Services

All of the products we develop are compliant with the industry standards. Moreover, they are updated periodically with the latest security measures to ensure client and consumer data is safe over the platform.

Here’s What Our Clients
Have to Say About FidyPay!

In the Fintech world that we live in, our services are beneficial and dependable because we have all the best solutions for the people. Our clients have always been satisfied with our services, enabling us to get the reputation of a leading Fintech Payment Platform. We have served various clients and provided them with different financial solutions. Let’s look at the views of some of our extremely satisfied clients, which will give you a better insight into our approaches.

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