One-Stop Bill Payment Solution is Here! FidyPay Brings You a Convenient BBPS API

There’s no need to face hassle upon making utility and repetitive payments anymore! You have BBPS API by FidyPay for the rescue!


Leverage the Potential of BBPS

BBPS, or Bharat Bill Payment System, developed by NPCI, intends to speed up your bill payment process while maintaining reliability & security. At FidyPay, we have more than 20,000  billers partnered with us from various utility categories. Hence, you won’t have to head out to various applications for processing different utility bill payments. All of it can be done under

How does FidyPay BBPS API Work?

Select the Category

You will be prompted to select the category of bill payment that you are about to make. For instance, you can choose from electricity, mobile recharge, DTH, insurance, etc. Under single dashboard, you can choose from various categories without moving to different platforms.

Choose the Biller

Upon selection of the category, you will get a list of all billers integrations with BBPS. Depending on whose services you avail, pick the appropriate biller. Suppose, you avail electricity services by Adani. In that case, you must choose ‘Adani’ from the list of billers, for proceeding further with the payment.

Fetch the Bill

You will be asked for certain details such as consumer ID, service number, etc. These details are important in order to retrieve your service details, and fetch you the right bill, as per your usage. You will see the amount, due date of payment, and other such basic service details over the bill.

Make the Bill Payment

You can then proceed further, and choose your desired payment mode to process the bill at ease. You can make the payment through UPI, credit/debit cards, digital wallets or net banking. All of the payments will be processed through secure gateways, and you will also be notified once the amount gets credited in the biller’s account.

Problems Faced with the On-Site Payment

Long Queues

Without the convenience of online bill payment solutions, you had to stand in front of physical offices in queues. It was possibly an inconvenient option, as it is time consuming and also an unnecessary effort. In this modern-day digital world, bill payments at physical counters are quite unacceptable.

Unintentional Delays

Manual bill payments are often delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. As these expenses are repetitive every month, paying them through traditional means becomes difficult. Different bills are paid across various physical collection offices. So, dedicating a few working days of the month towards settling these payments isn’t possible all the time. Thus, the payment gets delayed!

Limited Number of Transactions

The offices or banks have the tendency of limiting the number of transactions within a specific period of time. As a result, you have to wait for several days to make the payments. And, in the process your financial management takes a hit. Bill payments on time, ensures proper planning of finances for the following month.

Benefits of BBPS Integration

Use Cases of BBPS

Encourages Digital Payments: BBPS intends to leverage the potential of the digital payment landscape by allowing you to make online bill payments under one roof. BBPS API will bridge the gap between bill payment and utility service providers. It will mitigate all of the issues associated with traditional bill payment methods.

Save Your Expenses: There will be no need for the billers to create any specific physical billing point for collecting the payments. The set-up of such physical infrastructure and the timely maintenance needs will be saved.

Real-Time Updates: BBPS allows both biller and bill payer to check real-time updates on the pending utility bill dues and history of cleared payments. It will help you keep track of your expenses, whereas the biller will monitor the earnings.

Automate Monthly Bill Payments: BBPS allows users to automate their bill payments every month. Thus, you won’t have to invest your time and effort in feeding in payment details and processing them manually every month. You just input the details once, and the bill payment will be automated in every cycle until you cancel.

FidyPay's All-in-One Solution

Seamlessly Manage Recharges, Utility Payments, and Recurring Bills with our BBPS APIs

Mobile Prepaid Recharge

FidyPay: Your trusted Mobile Prepaid Recharge APIs provider for retailers. Empower your customers with a convenient central platform for mobile, DTH, and data card recharges. Reduce failure rates and support bill payments across multiple service providers.

Utility Bill

Streamline utility bill payments for your customers with our APIs. Never miss a due date again as they conveniently pay electricity, water, gas bills, and many more through a centralized portal. Seamlessly access and manage services from various providers.

BBPS Services

Simplify recurring bill payments with FidyPay's BBPS APIs. Seamlessly integrate and thrive with this booming open banking solution. Clear recurring bills, improve success rates and receive instant payment confirmations for loan installments, education fees, insurance, municipal taxes, and many more.

Why Choose FidyPay for BBPS?

FidyPay is the leading BBPS API provider in the market for integrating the seamless solution to ease your utility payments every month. We make sure that the bill payment process becomes seamless for you, with the availability of various payment methods under one roof. We have industry experts who believe in the quest for the digital payment landscape in India, and our BBPS services are just a stronghold contribution to it.

Cost Effective

We offer reliable BBPS services at cost-effective pricing. We consider your budget a priority and ensure that your payments are made without fines or penalties.


FidyPay understands your needs and requirements to customise the BBPS API accordingly. Customer satisfaction is what makes us stand out in the crowd.

Round the Clock Customer Support

Our support team will always be available to handle all your queries and questions regarding the BBPS API integration. If you face any difficulties with the interface, we are here to help you.

Secured Services

Our BBPS services are developed and integrated by experts with secure measures to keep your data and funds secured upon using this API.

Years of Experience

We have a lot of experience in the fintech industry and are integrating it into our services to help our clients and customers avail the best of digital payment benefits.


BBPS is a modern way of making bill payments, which replaces the traditional payment mode of paying cash or cheque at physical establishments. With this, bill payment and collection will be easier through digital means.

BBPS API by FidyPay allows you to link all of your utility bill payments under one single application digitally. You don’t have to head to the physical establishments to make payments. There are more than 20,000 billers partnered with BBPS services.

Get in touch with our team of consultants and answer a few questions for us to understand your custom bill payment needs. Depending on that, we will help you with the complete process of BBPS API integration.

You can pay in over 25 different type of categories such as water bills, gas bills, electricity bills, insurance, DTH recharge, landline bill, data card recharge and many such other categories. You just need to select the biller from the large list of options over the interface and enter the details to make your payment.

No, there isn’t any time limit for making payments over BBPS API! You can make payments anytime throughout the day or year, even on public holidays.

Connect With Us

Online payment systems are now being used in high demand. Individuals and businesses are now using modern-day payment solutions to save time and effort in making financial transactions. BBPS API by FidyPay is one of the best solutions to ease your monthly payments by bringing them all under one roof. To learn more about the service or to get a price quote, get in touch with us right away!

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