eKYC: Making Customer Onboarding Easier and More Efficient

Want to make your verification process for onboarding your customers more quickly and efficient? So, choose FidyPay’s services right now and reap all the benefits of knowing your customers more effectively.

Get Insight into the the Potential of eKYC

eKYC, more popularly known as Electronic Know Your Client/Customer, is one of the best ways KYC is done online through different platforms such as WhatsApp and other channels. Authorized organizations and financial agents will verify the details of a customer, such as his/her identity and address, in the eKYC process. So, there is no need to have physical documentation. With the integration of the eKYC suite into your business platform, you can minimize the overall cost of validating customer credentials while providing them with your services.

Working on eKYC Services


Get started with FidyPay, you will need to create an account and sign up for a plan. Once you have created an account, you can choose the eKYC module.

Choose eKYC Module

Once you have access to the FidyPay platform you can choose the eKYC module from the available options.

Upload Customer List

The customer list will then be uploaded onto the platform to process the verification and validation of identity and other associated documents.

eKYC in Minutes

It will take a few minutes to process the same, and eKYC results will be out for customers to onboard them for your business services quickly.

Problems Faced Without eKYC

High Onboarding Expenses

Without eKYC, consumers had to go through a long and tiring process of submitting physical documents at banks or financial institutions to avail of the dedicated services. Thus, the overall onboarding expenses were higher for businesses using traditional KYC measures.

Low Rate of Conversions

Many customers drop their plans on availing services of a business when they find out that the KYC process needs to be completed with physical visits. Thus, the overall conversion rate drops.

Higher Chance of False Positives

With paper & physical identity verification, there’s a high chance for people to manipulate the original data, resulting in increased chances of fraudulent actions. The chances of false positive verifications are higher with the usual KYC approach.

Explore the Perks of Integrating eKYC Solutions

Use Cases of eKYC For You to Explore!

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Document Verification: All documents associated with an individual or a business, such as identity, address or others, through digital or electronic channels.

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Video KYC: Video KYC services can be used to adopt a more secure and accurate verification approach for customer onboarding.

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Fraud Detection: If someone is trying to breach your business with a fake identity or other documents, eKYC can help detect them beforehand.

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Ongoing Monitoring: With eKYC verification, you can monitor the customers even after completing the verification. Hence, this will be an ongoing process to determine if there’s any rise in the risk level.

FidyPay's All-in-One Solution

Seamless and Secure Verification Solutions for Enhanced eKYC Compliance

Aadhaar Verification

Seamless Aadhar Verification API for financial institutions. Prevent fraud, and ensure reliable & accurate customer onboarding. Plug & play API integration for seamless Aadhar Card verification.

Pan Verification

Real-time PAN verification API enables instant identity verification for individuals and businesses. Ensure the legitimacy of PAN before onboarding customers or vendors. Gain insights into banking and loan repayment history. Supports bulk PAN verification for efficient processes.

Driving License Verification

Streamline onboarding with our driving license verification API. Detect information forgery, provide instant verification updates, and enable seamless integration for hassle-free implementation. Ensure genuine customers and employees with verified driving licenses. Simplify your verification process with our reliable API.

GSTIN Verification

Simplify vendor onboarding with our GST verification API. Speed up the process, instantly reveal real-time verification status of GST details, and enjoy a simple and easy integration process. Complete your KYC requirements swiftly and onboard vendors with ease.

OCR Verification

Enhance your business platform with FidyPay's reliable OCR API. Extract data from valid documents with precision and ease, enabling error-free extraction. Verify data authenticity in real-time, preventing fraudsters from accessing your services. Upgrade your document processing capabilities today.

Passport Verification

Simplify passport verification with our reliable API. Prevent access by manipulated passport details, provide real-time verification for customers, and efficiently detect and report fraudsters. Enhance your eKYC verifications with this essential tool for dedicated business domains. GSTIN Verification-

IFSC Verification

Enhance your platform with FidyPay's IFSC API for secure IFSC verification. Instantly verify the bank's branch and other associated account details, enabling better decision-making. Ensure utmost authenticity and make informed choices with our reliable IFSC verification API.

Account Verification

Simplify user onboarding with our account verification API. Verify bank accounts in a few simple steps, ensuring reliability and quick assessment of data. Customers can swiftly start availing of your services within seconds. Streamline the process of linking bank accounts to your digital payment app.

CKYC Verification

Connect your business platform to the CKYC registry with our CKYC verification API. Seamlessly send and receive KYC requests/responses for efficient verification and identification. Benefit from bulk KYC upload/download services, easily update data in the KYC records, and unlock intelligent automation processes for enhanced operations.

Why Choose FidyPay for eKYC Services?

At FidyPay, we are a proficient eKYC service provider, enabling you with a complete KYC verification suite for the products, which will help you verify the user identity. We will offer you the bank account, IFSC, Aadhaar, GSTIN verification, PAN and UPI ID verification solutions. We have dedicated eKYC APIs for your diverse business needs.

We are leveraging the potential of digitalisation and are willing to help budding FinTech and Non-FinTech businesses switch their business infrastructure to its thriving solutions. FidyPay’s eKYC is one digital solution to save you from the hassle of running manual and time-consuming verifications.

Easy Integration

FidyPay, one of the best eKYC providers, will help you integrate the dedicated API seamlessly onto the business platforms for swift implementations and faster onboarding of customers.


The cost of operations will be lowered, and the revenue will be generated exceptionally. The verification process will be automated, reducing the need for a human workforce and manual intervention.

One-Stop Hub

Our eKYC suite has several microservices integrated within that work well for almost all use cases across various industries.

Consistent Support System

Our team offers a consistent support service to resolve any technical hiccups you face with your eKYC API solutions.

Persistent Towards Innovation

FidyPay is an exceptional eKYC solution provider with an experienced team working relentlessly towards implementing innovations with our various services. We constantly upgrade our solutions to help your business and end customers get an exceptional experience.


The eKYC solutions can instantly verify bank accounts, IFSCs, PAN, UPI IDs, Aadhaar details and other documents in real-time. When the request is submitted, the eKYC API works towards giving an instant response for most of the verifications.

No, there’s no such limitation on the number of KYC verifications you can do daily. As long as there’s a flow of customers, you can process limitless eKYC applications.

Some of the other use cases of eKYC are:
Financial Institutions, Telecom and Utilities, Digital Wallets and Payment Apps, Fintech and P2P Lending, Online Marketplaces and E-commerce, Government Services, Healthcare and Telemedicine, Travel and Hospitality.

The eKYC verification tallies the given data directly with the updated Government databases. Therefore, it is highly accurate!

The eKYC solutions can be approached with Android or iOS devices with the latest software OS versions. Thus, the consumers do not necessarily have to sit in front of a computer to get onboarded to your business.

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FidyPay ensures that eKYC APIs help your business get that leading edge towards acquiring more and more customers in a short span of time. Being one of the best e-KYC solution providers, our proficiency will ensure that digitalization brings in perks for your organization. And, if you feel like eKYC is something that can smoothen up your experience, get in touch with FidyPay, right away!

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