Let’s Add a Flexible Payment Solution for Your Customers- PoS Solution

From online sales to contactless payments, FidyPay’s  PoS solution gives you the flexibility of easy payment acceptance from customers.

PoS Solutions Help You Sell Your Products or Services Better

PoS payment collection solutions from FidyPay increase your payment conversion and acceptance and enhance your overall customer experience. We offer customized PoS Solutions to accept payments easier than ever before! Let your customers feel comfortable and give them the freedom to choose their preferred payment method using our tailor-made collection methods using PoS System and PoS Enabled Devices.

How does FidyPay PoS System Work?

Get Started

Sign up for a FidyPay account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to select the POS solution that is right for your business.

Get Customised Solutions

FidyPay's POS solutions are highly customizable. You can choose the features that are important to your business and customize the POS solution to match your branding. FidyPay also offers a variety of integrations with other software, so you can seamlessly connect your POS solution to your existing systems.

Deploy Partner Payout Terminal

Once you have selected a POS solution and customized it to your needs, you can deploy a partner payout terminal. FidyPay partners with a variety of payment processors, so you can choose the processor that is right for your business.

Real-Time Collection

FidyPay's POS solutions offer a variety of payment methods such as dynamic UPI Code, Tap & Pay, cash & UPI, or digital wallet payment links, so you can accept payments from your customers in the way that is most convenient for them.

Problems Businesses Used to Face Without POS Solutions

Lack of Payment Modes

Without POS, businesses weren’t able to offer the convenience of choosing preferred payment modes to customers. It used to result in bad customer experiences.

Increased Waiting Time for Customers

Without POS software, the businesses had to keep the customers waiting while they filled up a page of their bill book manually and then calculated the total before it could be presented to the customer for payment. It eventually led customers to stop visiting the store or buy fewer products to avoid this long waiting time.

Improper Inventory Management

POS solutions can be integrated with inventory management software to keep updating the stock of products based on the items being sold. Without it, businesses had to manually maintain a register of stocks and update it on a timely basis. Hence, this caused massive downtime!

Benefits of PoS Integration Using FidyPay

Use Cases of POS Solution

Municipal Taxes: Simplify tax collection and management processes for municipalities, enabling efficient handling of property taxes, water taxes, and other local taxes.

Traffic Challan: Streamline traffic fine collection with our PoS software, providing a convenient platform for traffic police to issue and collect fines electronically.

e-Catering: Enhance the food ordering experience with integrated PoS software, allowing passengers to conveniently order meals during train journeys and make secure payments.

Electricity Bill: Enable quick and hassle-free payment of electricity bills through our PoS software, providing consumers with a seamless payment experience.

Why Choose FidyPay for POS Services?

FidyPay, the best POS solutions provider, is here to offer a reliable, functional, and reasonably-priced POS solution for your business. Irrespective of the trade you are in, POS solutions add authority and value to your brand. We make sure that your business attains impeccable customer experience, which will fuel your growth in the long run. Our dedicated team can also help you with customized POS solutions by integrating the same with your existing business management software solutions.

Reasonable Pricing

We offer reasonable pricing for our Point of Sale (POS) Solutions to help businesses of all sizes with an easy transition to accepting payments from multiple modes.

Quick Turnaround Time

Upon receiving your request, we will make sure to work on your POS solutions right away and let you start featuring your new payment convenience among your customers.

Customer Support

In case you face any specific issues related to your POS solution, you can always get in touch with our team for an instant resolution.

All Digital Tools Available

The POS software we provide will have all the necessary digital tools embedded within for you to access it with ease.


A POS system will help you in improving the overall bookkeeping process to ensure the entire payment collection process from customers will be faster and more precise.

In general, the POS system will help you in improving the overall operations for the customers. Thus, it will reduce the overall waiting time and will scan all of the items quickly to load them onto the system. Hence, it will eliminate the possibility of human errors while making paper bills.

With FidyPay’s POS solution, you can initiate a Rewards Program for your customers and use gift coupons to provide them with discounts. Hence, this will help enhance the positive customer experience.

With our POS solution, you will be able to handle day-to-day sales and keep track of your inventory. In this way, you will realize the products that are in high demand and will reciprocate by bringing in new stocks of them. In this way, you will attract more sales and revenue!

You can definitely run your business without a POS system. But your service delivery will be very slow and unsatisfactory. As a result, you might even lose your customers.

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So, if you are starting a new business, or are willing to upgrade your existing operational efficiencies, adding a POS solution might be a good start. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific business requirements. Our team is available to attend to your queries and questions.

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