Enable Seamless Business Transactions with API Banking

Now, there’s a convenient approach for businesses to process faster payouts, release salaries, initiate refunds, and do much more, through FidyPay’s API Banking.

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Understanding API Banking

API (Application Programming Interface) Banking refers to a set of tools, protocols, and routines that connects banks and other financial institutions with a third-party API Banking platform such as FidyPay. FidyPay enables you with API Banking, establishing online connection between your business and the bank. With this, you will gain access to limited yet important banking features. FidyPay offers you API support for the open platform and BaaS banking attributes.

How does API Banking Work?

Ensuring Bank’s Accessibility to their Features

Initially, the bank will open its core banking features for FidyPay.

Establishing a Connection through API

FidyPay will then use the banking API, for establishing a connection with your banking system.

Leveraging the Banking Features Under One Roof

FidyPay, being your API banking platform will then raise the transaction request, or make the API calls, for executing specific banking functions or for retrieving specific data from the financial institution.

Easy Integration

We include the most developer-friendly APIs that are easy to integrate and will function flawlessly. Now you can use these APIs to integrate with your ERP, apps, website, and much more. This whole process makes the experience even better for businesses these days. 

Problems Faced Without API Banking

Tiring Payment Procedures

Without API Banking, businesses and consumers had to undergo a strenuous procedure to process their banking transactions. As India is inching toward implementing a digital payment landscape, API Banking intends to strengthen the era of cashless payments.

Slow-Paced Digital Banking

Earlier, when the digital banking landscape was just in its initial stage, people’s reach of those features wasn’t much broad. Considering that many people were deprived of using digital payment facilities.

Time Consuming Process

Without API Banking being, third-party financial institutions, businesses and customers were finding it difficult to access the banking features through their physical establishments.

Perks of API Banking

Here are Some Use Cases of API Banking for You to Understand its Potential!

Automated Execution of Banking Services: API Banking supports the automated execution of all compatible banking services and products to customers through various electronic or digital channels.

Customer Satisfaction: Improvement in the overall process helps businesses attain consumer satisfaction. FidyPay collaborates with you to make such transactions with your consumers seamless from top to bottom.

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Easy Verification of Data: If there’s a new entry in your database, the details of which you want to validate across the bank statements for authenticating the information, APIs are of good use for it. It enables you to automate the process of fact-checking.

Connect all Financial Accounts: Individual or business banking API enables you to view the dispersed data of several financial accounts under one roof.

FidyPay's All-in-One Solution

Seamlessly Manage Recharges, Utility Payments, and Recurring Bills with our BBPS APIs

Bank Statement

Integrate our Bank Statement API into your platform for seamless access to accurate and instant bank statement analysis. Analyze multiple statements, process various types and formats, and instantly analyze scanned bank statements.

Balance Enquire

Integrate FidyPay's Balance Enquiry API to offer your users the convenience of checking their account balances instantly. Confirm credit/debit transactions, enhance customer experience, and help them avoid balance check fees at physical ATMs

Bulk Payment

Initiate fast and secure bulk payments with FidyPay's API. Streamline payment disbursal, ensure a secure payment system, and seamlessly manage corporate funds.

Vendor Payment

Streamline vendor payments with FidyPay's API. Build better vendor relationships, automate payment scheduling, and ensure timely payments with automated invoice processing and tax deductions.

Why Choose FidyPay for API Banking?

FidyPay offers a fast and convenient API Banking platform for performing banking operations for transactions, along with other API Banking examples and use cases. Financial service providers and businesses may easily integrate a single FidyPay API to access numerous banking APIs.

Currently, we are an API Banking Solutions company in India working with Yes Bank, RBL  Bank, Axis Bank, and ICICI Bank, and we are expanding our banking partners with each passing day. With API banking, we will be helping the budding businesses and the nation adapt to more digital payments.

Easy onboarding

We will help you with handling bank accounts and support customer onboarding. Following that, we also help you meet the regulatory requirements or compliance checks.

Core Banking System

We will help you implement the customer-relevant and future-ready banking solutions with the holistic system.

Smooth Payment Experience

We will help the businesses provide seamless payment experiences to their customers. We have the best API banking solutions to help you with the custom requirements.

Round the clock support

We offer round the clock support solutions to help our clients with quick resolutions to all their questions and queries. If you want to get along with the API banking integration, get in touch with us right away!

Easing of Digital Commerce

We will help you ease your digital commerce business transactions by implementing finance, commerce and technology, with astounding API banking capabilities.


FidyPay is your one-stop API Banking provider in India and has helped numerous businesses so far in terms of accepting or sending money digitally. We offer API solutions to help streamline your vendor payouts, bulk refunds and wage payout necessities at ease.

Once you submit the KYC documents to our team, it will take 1 day to activate the account.

Yes, upon your request, our team members will explain to you how our API Banking solutions can help you accept international payments and expand your business on a global scale.

Yes, we can help customise the API solution to meet your business requirements. We have the capability to build specific products that meet the market requirements.

API banking will benefit your business in several ways, such as:

  • Attain convenience in financial management
  • Avail outstanding user experience for your customers
  • Data security level will be top-notch
  • Financial services of your business can be customised
  • Adds cost effectiveness and efficiency

Connect With Us

At FidyPay we ensure that our API banking solutions are of the highest standards in the industry. We make sure your business thrives, while staying updated with the fintech trends. If you have any queries regarding our API Banking solutions, or you want to learn a bit more about how our services can make a positive impact on your business, then get in touch with us right away!

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