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upi frauds

What Are UPI frauds, and How Do They Happen?

UPI frauds are very common these days because these frauds happen through UPI apps which are very prevalent these days. There have been more than

How UPI works

How UPI Works: A Simple Guide

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is like the IT word in the world of digital transactions. If you’re wondering how does UPI work, keep reading; we

payment fraud

What Do We Know About Payment Fraud, and What Are Its Types?

With the use of online payment gateways and digital payment apps, the scope for payment fraud has also increased. While security layers and features are

fintech trends

Top Fintech Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Every year, every industry sector ushers in trends that shape its future. The trends of every industry are shaped by human resources, technological advancements, financial

fraud risk management

Fraud Risk Management and How to Enhance Compliance with Real-Time Monitoring

The scale of the financial landscape is growing and transforming over the last few years. With the introduction of fintech apps and tools, the spotlight


How is CKYC the Future of Fintech Compliance?

Do you know about KYC and its importance in the finance field? KYC is knowing your customers, which allows banks and financial institutions to know

NBFC in India

How FidyPay Helping NBFCs in India?

FidyPay, a popular FinTech service provider, has extended its services to NBFC in India and is helping them with payment collections, collaborations with financial

virtual cards

Virtual Cards: The Emerging Trend of Fintech

In the era of fintech and virtual payments, the use of Virtual credit and debit cards has gone up. Market insiders predict that the use

education payment solutions

Benefits of Education Payment Solutions in Modern Days & How FidyPay is Helping?

Gone are the days when parents had to visit the administrative office of a school to pay off monthly fees. With the introduction of modern

Payment service Provider

Best Practices for Choosing a Reliable Payment Service Provider

The growing popularity of cashless transactions and the push for digital finance have changed the financial landscape. With the growing volume of online transactions, businesses