Evolve Your Digital Payment Experience Through Prepaid Cards

No more bearing hassles for cashing out the cheques or attending the bunch of reimbursement applications every month. Skip the burden and load money into the prepaid card wallets with an ease.


Understanding of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are meant for businesses to set spending limits on virtual or physical cards without customers owning a bank account. These cards can be programmed only for specific expenses, such as vendor payments, fuel expenses, eCommerce purchases, etc. FidyPay will help you start your dedicated program and provide reloadable prepaid cards to partners, customers, and employees in India.

Working of Prepaid Cards

Get Started

Begin your prepaid card journey with ease by signing up and creating an account tailored to your needs.

Upload the Customers

Easily add your customers to the system, making it simple to manage their prepaid card accounts and track their transactions.

Top-Up Wallet

Conveniently load funds into your customers' prepaid card wallets, ensuring they have immediate access to money for their expenses.


Sit back and enjoy the benefits of streamlined transactions and hassle-free expense management with prepaid cards.

Problems that Businesses Experience Without Prepaid Cards

Inefficient Expense Management

When your clients are unaware of where the small capital investments are being spent, it will be difficult for them to track all of those expenditures. With prepaid cards for business expenses, the firms will be aware of what amount has been issued to which employee and for what expenses. Anything, more or less, can be noted instantly.

Lack of Control and Visibility

It becomes difficult for the accounting team to gain control over the business capital, and the funds being utilised. Thus, it becomes a hassle for them to close books with accurate information, at the end of a financial year. With prepaid cards, the accounting team will get visibility on where the money is being assigned, and how it is being used. Thus, they will have visibility over every rupee being spent. 

Compliance Issues

Without proper cash management, it becomes difficult for businesses to adhere to the taxation and compliance regulations. As a result, businesses end up paying more tax or penalties, which not just consumes money, but also time & efforts. With prepaid cards, mismanagement of cash and compliance negligence will be minimised to a maximum extent.

Benefits of Using Prepaid Cards For Businesses

Use Cases of Prepaid Cards

Corporates and Marketplaces: There’s no more need for handling multiple reimbursements, as with prepaid cards, the employees won’t have to pay from their pocket anymore.

Gig Platforms: Pre-loaded cards can be assigned to the drivers or agents, and create wallet accounts to ensure proper fleet management of the business.

Gift Cards: A reloadable gift card can predefine the rewards and limits for improving brand visibility and patronage.

Platforms and Aggregators: Businesses can now support the expenses of their partners by offering them prepaid cards. Thus, it will help nurture long-lasting partnerships.

Why Choose FidyPay for Prepaid Cards?

FidyPay, a stand-out prepaid card service provider, will help your business set up a prepaid card program for your clients. We boast quick approval & activation and will secure the service with industry best practices. Our prepaid card service can be supported for both online and offline payments.

You don’t want your employees to constantly go off the budget concerning business expenses. Therefore, we bring the prepaid card program to enable a proper money management approach within the organisational environment. This way, the right amount of business funds can be utilised across various departments, easily moving from one card to another.

Faster Time to Market

FidyPay has a team of experts working relentlessly to give you the best service facilities in a short period. With our prepaid card services, you can start issuing the same within a very short time.

Secured with industry best practices

We ensure that all industry-level compliances are met and the customisations are done to meet your specific requirements. The security of data and funds is of utmost priority for us.

Customisable Cards

Tell us your requirements, and we will make sure your prepaid cards are unique. If needed, you can also get the co-branded prepaid card program with proper design and branding solutions.

Quick approval and activation

Fidypay offers a streamlined process for approval and activation of prepaid cards, allowing businesses to swiftly set up their prepaid card program and start providing their customers with a convenient payment solution without unnecessary delays.

Consistent Support

We are available round the clock, offering consistent support solutions to help overcome technical difficulties while assigning or loading prepaid cards.


A prepaid card is a financial instrument that isn’t linked to any specific bank account but has preloaded money. The money can be used to pay for specific goods or services, as set by the administrator. For instance, if the card is set to be used only at fuel stations, you cannot use the preset amount anywhere else!

Prepaid cards are great in terms of helping businesses set their budget for business expenses and track the employee spending associated with it.

The debit cards will only draw money from the linked bank account, whereas the prepaid card isn’t linked with any account and draws money only from the loaded amount. Prepaid cards benefit anyone who wants to set a specific expenditure budget.

Yes, there are certain expiry dates for all the prepaid cards, after which the employer will issue you a new one with an extended expiry.

Yes, the prepaid cards by FidyPay can be used like usual ATM cum Debit cards for withdrawing cash.

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FidyPay is a team of professional’s keen on helping India adopt digitalisation from the core. Therefore, we are implementing our services to help the business sector evolve first. As a result, the end consumers will gradually be inclined towards using the perks of digitalisation. With Prepaid Cards, we are just one step ahead in fulfilling that quest.

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