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Seamless Payments for Every Store: Empower Your Business with Custom QR Codes for Single or Multiple Branches, Enabling Effortless UPI Transactions Across All Payment Apps.


Understanding UPI/QR Code for Business

UPI QR code is an interoperable, infrastructure-light digital payment platform that enables quick, secure, and easy payments at physical stores, websites, apps, and merchant locations. It is a UPI QR-based solution that allows digital payments across UPI QR-enabled applications.

Developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the latest model of payment that Indian businesses may use to accept payments from their customers directly into their account

How does UPI/QR Code Work?


Experience a hassle-free onboarding process with FIDYPAY's UPI/QR Code solution. Simply sign up and get ready to revolutionize your retail business.


To enable the UPI QR code for your business, merchants need to complete KYC before they can start using the UPI/QR product. This is done to protect both the merchant and the customer from fraud.

Payment Collection

Once you have completed the onboarding and KYC process, you can start collecting payments using FIDYPAY's UPI/QR Code Product. To do this, you will need to generate a QR code.

Limitations without the QR Codes

Returning Exact Change to Customers

Earlier, without QR codes, merchants had to return exact change for the cash payments their customer made for their purchases. In this way, the cash flow for the day gets disrupted. Therefore, for smaller and odd-amount payments, UPI/QR code is the best alternative.

Turning Down Customers

Some merchants still relying strongly on cash payments are losing out on the evolution of the digital payment landscape of India. As more and more people are now conveniently making payments through UPI/QR codes, without it, many customers are turning down the opportunity to buy products from such stores.

Tracking the Payments for the Day

Receiving cash payments for all purchases made it difficult for merchants to calculate their profits easily, as manual tracking can lead you to miss out on multiple transactions. With UPI QR-based solution, every transaction will be recorded in a specific database for you to access and create a report.

Benefits of UPI/QR Code API Integration by FidyPay

Use Cases of UPI/QR Code

Useful at the Kirana or Retail Stores and Outlets: Your customers can pay for their purchases simply by scanning the BHIM UPI QR code at your Kirana stores. It enables seamless payments across bank accounts for all UPI users.

Used by SMEs, Small Merchants and Vendors: Accepting the UPI/QR code payments has made things quite easy for small merchants, SMEs and vendors. Vendors enjoy quick payment received through QR, and small merchants save money on commission by accepting QR code payments. Following that, the B2B payments also involved heavy processing fees, which can now be avoided through QR codes.

eCommerce Cash-on-Delivery Payments: When the delivery agents come to your doorstep to hand you over the Cash-on-Delivery orders, you request an online payment. They use a dynamic UPI QR code generator for creating a digital payment code, pre-set with an amount as specified.

Use by Business Correspondent: The business correspondents prefer using QR codes for facilitating the payment collections from the customers without the need for them to leave the house.

FidyPay's All-in-One Solution

Explore the Power of QR Codes: Embrace Static and Dynamic Options for Seamless Transactions!

Static QR Code

Empower your business with static QR codes, promoting digital payment acceptance among linked merchants. Our solution includes a sound box for real-time transaction updates, enhancing sales opportunities. Perfect for PR events, marketing campaigns, and seamless transactions.

Dynamic QR Code

Enhance your QR code experience with dynamic codes. Editable, trackable, and perfect for retargeting customers. FidyPay offers versatile dynamic QR codes, delivering efficient scanning, scheduled campaigns, and real-time updates on scan activity.

Why Choose FidyPay for UPI/QR Code?

FidyPay is one of the best service providers for merchants, SMEs, vendors and other businesses to adopt digital payment & payout solutions. With our UPI/QR code solutions, your business will experience an immense hike in sales.

Low-cost infrastructure

FIDYPAY provides a cost-effective solution for implementing UPI/QR code technology, minimizing expenses for merchants.

Remote customer and merchant management.

Conveniently manage customers and merchants remotely, enabling efficient operations from any location.

Interoperable UPI QR code generator.

FIDYPAY's QR code generator works seamlessly with any  UPI payment applications, ensuring compatibility and easy transactions.  

Push-based transactions

Experience hassle-free payments with push-based transactions, eliminating the need for manual intervention and simplifying the payment process.

No need to keep any charge slip copies

With FIDYPAY, there's no requirement to retain physical charge slip copies, offering a paperless and streamlined payment experience.


Businesses are using UPI QR Codes for Accepting payment digitally from their customers against the Good or Services sold from their stores or office.

Static UPI QR is also known as the open QR, which has the feasibility of accepting various payments without any fixed amount assigned to it. But, with dynamic UPI QR codes, a transaction code is generated for each transaction with a pre-defined payment amount.

  • Raise your request for a UPI QR Code
  • Upload all of your KYC documents
  • FidyPay team would generate UPI VPA for your account.
  • You can download the UPI QR code from your central dashboard.

Businesses with an offline presence with various franchises or branches can collect the in-person or in-store collections through the UPI QR codes.

You get payment notifications through SMS or on Merchant App instantly after the transaction is successful at the customer’s end. You can also subscribe to our Soundbox for Payment Notifications.

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