Our Founder’s View at Money 2.0 Dubai

money 2.0 dubai

Our Founder’s View at Money 2.0 Dubai

Manan Dixit, Founder & CEO at FidyPay, was invited as a Speaker and Panelist to share his insightful perspectives at the Money 2.0 Conference. The Spring Edition of this international forum was scheduled at InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE, from 23rd – 25th March 2022.

As a Speaker, Manan Dixit cast light upon the subject, “Effective Leadership In The Finance & Insurance World,” and shared his viewpoints in the panel discussion on “Decentralization: The Big Setback For Blockchain” before outstanding experts and representatives of financial institutions.

According to Manan, a leader has to be transparent, approachable, and open to the entire team, in addition to adding a personal touch. A leader is always motivated to take risks and try new things but enhancing the risk-taking capacity of the team is also the leader’s responsibility. The organization grows, when the team grows; so, if a unit is not taking risks and not innovating, the overall organization’s growth is affected.

He also discussed how it’s all about values, ethics, and integrity that define the organization. According to him, an organization can be called ethical only when its people have a defined set of values, integrity, and ethics.

He further talked about the power of collaborations, which are also an essential part of an organization’s growth, but before collaborating with other firms, it is necessary to implement collaborative culture within the organization. A collaborative culture in the company can help employees feel a sense of belonging.

Also, handling the ups and downs of the organization is a crucial step of team building. An organization and its members must deal with negative phases while keeping in mind the positive growth phases of the organization.

In the panel discussion, Manan described decentralization as distributing control from one central agency to multiple mode points. He considers that decentralization or the documentation industry has been here for a very long time. Still, we are at a very recent stage, and it has the potential to create some tremendous changes in the financial world.

Considering blockchain’s tremendous benefits, Manan emphasized regularizing the technology before implementing it in the financial world. Otherwise, it would be complete chaos; people will be too suspicious to invest in it.

Manan was also honored at the conference for his invaluable contributions to the industry. Money 2.0 Conference has a unique recognition session that spotlights the leading-edge work of financial experts and organizations. It recognizes the individuals based on the following five criteria:

  • *Leader’s Reputation
  • *Educational Background
  • *Professional Experience
  • *Creative Thinking
  • *Decisive Leadership

After evaluating and measuring the nominees on the above parameters, the selection committee affirms a selected number of people for this exclusive recognition. Manan Dixit was one of the chosen finalists for the “Outstanding Leadership Award.”

When asked about how he felt after being recognized at the Money 2.0 Conference, Manan expressed, “It feels great to be recognized for all the hard work that we’ve been putting around.”

“Money 2.0 is one of the biggest platforms that we have been seeing and following around for quite some time. And one day, we aspired to be here, and now we are here to be recognized by the Money 2.0 platform. So, it feels great to be recognized on a global platform. All your hard work comes to a good effort at the end of the day.”

Money 2.0 Conference aims to bring together financial analysts, founders of successful businesses, and money experts to share their research and knowledge on a global stage. Apart from this, it offers multiple opportunities to the attendees to augment their financial knowledge, grow their network, close deals with vendors, and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded individuals to propel their business forward.

In its upcoming winter edition, Money 2.0 will offer significant and innovative developments and technologies in insurance and finance. The conference will give you an in-depth view of emerging financial markets, enterprise risk management strategies, blockchain-based transactions, trends in FinTech, the rapidly-evolving insurance landscape, the growing cases of scams and fraud in banking, and much more.

The attendees will return with invaluable ideas that, when put into practice, can help them get ahead in the financial sector.

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