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BBPS full form Bharat Bill Payments System is an integrated online platform developed by NPCI for different kinds of bill payments. It is an interoperable service that enables payment collection for over 200 billers across 22 varied categories.

The BBPS API system can be integrated into the your or your client’s app or website, or it may be integrated through FidyPay’s SDK/PWA to get things going. All in all, the system works as a connection between utility service providers and payment service providers.

BBPS Benefits

  • Anywhere, Anytime Bill Payment Collections.
  • One-Stop Solution for all Recurring Bill Payment Collections.
  • Instant Confirmation to Your Customers with Automatic Receipt Generation.
  • Safe, Reliable, and Convenient Transactions.
  • 24/7 Service Availability, Including Public Holidays.
  • Multiple Modes of Payment Collection, including Internet Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, IMPS, NEFT, AEPS, Account Transfer, UPI, Bharat QR, USSD, Digital Wallets, or Cash.

Steps for Consumers to Use BBPS

The consumers follow these steps to use BBPS to pay their bills:

  • Open the BBPS bill pay option on your website or app.
  • Login or Connect with the application using your BBPS full form icon or tab.
  • Select the bill category for which they want to pay the bill.
  • Enter their key parameters and bill details.
  • Verify and re-check the bill amount.
  • Pay the bill through any of the allowed modes of payment.
  • Get instant on-screen confirmation of the payment

BBPS comes with a Fetch Bill Option that enters the consumer’s bill amount automatically, so they don’t need to enter it manually, thereby eliminating chances of any human error.

Looking forward to having billers made easy? Integrate BBPS Bill Pay for bill collection in a cost-effective way and get a wider reach!

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you to better understand all about our product.

BBPS is also known as Bharat Bill Payments System and an integrated online bill payment platform developed by NPCI unifying multiple payment merchants and modes in one place for the ease of customers, merchants, and banks. The system beautifully bridges the gap between utility service providers and payment service providers to offer everything under a single platform.

The BBPS API system can be easily integrated into your own or your client’s app or website. If you want an easy and seamless integration free of any hiccups, you can use FidyPay’s SDK/PWA for a smoother roll. The system works smoothly as a connection while bringing utility service providers and payment service providers closer.

BBPS offers multiple payment collection modes such as internet banking, debit cards, credit cards, IMPS, NEFT, AEPS, Account Transfer, UPI, Bharat QR, USSD, digital wallets, and cash. Such a vast array of diverse payment modes empowers customers to use BBPS service frequently and without any apprehensions.

BBPS offers an easy, one-stop solution for all recurring and regular utility bill payments where a consumer can benefit from a safe, reliable, and convenient bill payment system. It is available 24/7 and offers anytime, anywhere bill payment services. The consumers get instant confirmation and an automatic receipt at the end of each transaction. One can easily pay through multiple payment modes listed above for the convenience of consumers.

There is a vast range of utility bill payment categories offered by BBPS that range from education fees, electricity, piped gas, mobile postpaid, landline postpaid, water, broadband, and more. You can even make toll booth payments and book an LPG cylinder.