UPI QR Code Generator Company in India

UPI/QR Code: A Powerful Way to Digitize Payments with UPI or QR Code

UPI QR code is an interoperable, infrastructure light digital payment platform that enables quick, secure, and easy payments at physical stores, websites, apps, and merchant locations. It is a UPI QR-based solution that allows digital payments across UPI QR-enabled applications.

Developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in collaboration with RuPay, Amex, MasterCard, and Visa, this is the latest model of payment that Indian businesses may use to accept payments from their customers directly into their account.


  • Low-cost infrastructure.
  • Remote customer and merchant management.
  • Interoperable UPI QR code generator.
  • Push based transactions.
  • No need to keep any charge slip copies.


  • Quick and simple integration.
  • Multiple options of integration for mobile and web.
  • Routing between several banks.
  • Automatic reconciliation of failed or pending transactions .
  • No need to enter bank details time and again.

Reasons to Generate UPI QR Code and Integrate It

With UPI/QR integration, your customers can pay for their purchases simply by scanning the BHIM UPI QR code at a merchant outlet. It enables seamless payments across bank accounts for all UPI users and cardholders.

Growing and widespread use of the internet and smartphones has led to a surge in UPI QR-based payment solutions. You may integrate this system into your app or website and receive payments instantly. UPI QR interface has given a new way to customers and merchants to exchange money using smartphones, making it a seamless channel to grow and expedite digital payments.

Considered to be an incredibly designed mobile-first payment solution, integrating BHIM UPI QR code generator into your application or website and offer an easier and faster way for your customers to pay with the help of a UPI QR code generator company in India! Get help from FidyPay, a UPI QR solutions provider company known for best of UPI solutions in India.

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you to better understand all about our product.

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a government-backed interface that allows bank transfers via a single window. With a QR (Quick Response) code, one can send money to an individual’s or organisation’s bank account. Merchants benefit heavily from UPI QR-code-based payments. Customers can scan the QR code at an outlet and transfer the money directly to the respective bank account. A QR code can be easily scanned by the UPI mobile application. Many Fintech platforms integrated with UPI payments allow users to scan a QR code. Considering the number of smartphone users in today’s era, UPI QR-code-based payment is essential.

UPI-based payments are completely safe for merchants and businesses. Safety steps in UPI-based payments are as follows:

  1. For every UPI payment, the user has to enter a PIN code. Merchants can ensure that only authorized individuals make payments via the UPI QR-code system.
  2. The sensitive info of users is protected by making payments via the UPI interface.
  3. For every payment, merchants will receive a notification in their UPI app. One can make sure that no customer leaves without making payments.
  4. The QR code for every merchant is unique.

The pros of UPI QR code generators offered by FidyPay are as follows:

  1. You aren’t restricted to using only one QR code. With a UPI QR generator, one can produce multiple QR codes for different offices/shops.
  2. You don’t have to worry about failed or pending transactions. All pending/failed payments will be automatically reconciled for merchants.
  3. FidyPay QR codes can be integrated without hassles. The simple process for integration saves time for merchants.
  4. The QR-code payment system is inter-operable and allows you to make use of available info.

Gone are the days when merchants used paper-based bills. For backtracking and reconciliation purposes, merchants have to look at the payments. The UPI-QR code payment system records every transaction. Merchants do not have to keep payment slips for reconciliation at the end of the month. If any transaction is failed, the system will automatically reconcile. Instead of wasting time on payment reconciliation at the end of the billing cycle, merchants and business owners can do something productive.

Apart from displaying the QR code in physical form, merchants can also keep a digital copy. The image can be forwarded to customers that cannot visit the store to make payments. UPI-based payment apps allow users to scan a QR code from their photo gallery. You can boost customer experience and grow your business with remote customer management.