Set up an Online Business & Grow it Smartly with FidyPay

setup an online business

Set up an Online Business & Grow it Smartly with FidyPay

Fintech or Financial Technology is no longer meant for select robot advisors and online banking sites. Today, even small businesses are using the Fintech apps to make their financial tasks easier and faster. If done the right way, Fintech apps can become true assets for growing enterprises. This is where FidyPay arrives. With technologically advanced API banking and Fintech apps, they offer a user-friendly interface for clients that they can integrate into their app or website and streamline their business operations. 

If you are considering setting up an online business, you can make use of various FidyPay apps to let it grow smartly. FidyPay is a unified platform that comprises different payment, banking, and collection solutions to restructure your online business. Let’s see how.

Simplify Banking with FidyPay Banking Solutions

Whether you want to check account balance, view transaction history, transfer money, or validate accounts, you can do that and much more with FidyPay’s banking solutions. These include the following:

API Banking: API banking makes banking services accessible to third-party companies through FidyPay APIs. Both banks and businesses can enhance their offerings to the customers using this set of protocols. 

When you set up your online business, you can easily integrate API banking with your backend ERP to enable banking operations. Once you do that, you can perform several banking activities through the app, including NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS transfers, transaction history, balance enquiry, account validation, and others. FidyPay also offers an integrated dashboard that you can access to perform any of these operations.

AEPS/MicroATM: FidyPay has a special SDK (Software Development Kit) that you can use to deploy an AEPS based MicroATM service in your app. The best thing is that there is minimal cost involved due to compatibility with a variety of biometric devices. Therefore, it is the best solution for a start-up if you have just set up your online business. Through AEPS, your merchants can perform different types of banking operations, including a balance inquiry, mini statement, and cash withdrawals.

FidyPay also offers a debit card-based MicroATM solution that you can deploy in your existing app with their SDK. Once integrated, your merchants can perform varied banking operations like balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, and others.

Streamline Payments with FidyPay Payment Solutions

FidyPay offers varied payment solutions, including the following:

BBPS: Bharat Bill Pay System (BBPS) API lets you collect payments for over 200 billers across 22 categories. Integrate this API in your website or application or use their SDK to integrate it easily. It is the integrated system of bill payment in India offering interoperable bill payment services to customers.

Payment Links: By integrating Payment Links in your system, you can send live payment links to your customers whenever their invoice is due. These links make it easy for your customers to pay you via their preferred mode of payment. They can choose their currency and pay you via net banking, credit card, debit card, EMI, or international payments

UPI/QR: These integrations enable your customers to pay you via UPI payments or QR codes. When the customer scans your UPI/QR code with their smartphone, the due amount is automatically transferred to your account from their account. UPI/QR is an advanced way of digitising payments from customers.

Money Transfer: DMTS service enables customers to send money to bank accounts across the country. They can visit your merchant, pay them in cash, and the merchant sends the money to their requested bank account within seconds. They also receive an instant receipt of the payment that they can provide to their clients. In return, the merchant gets a percentage of the transaction as a commission.

Make Payment Collection Effortless with FidyPay’s Payment Collection Solutions

When you start an online business, your ultimate goal is to attract customers and buy from you. Once they make their purchase, the next step is to collect payment from them and process the order. To make payment collection easier and faster, FidyPay offers a variety of payment collection solutions. These include:

eNACH: eNACH is an electronic system with which banks, government bodies, and financial institutions collect automated payments from their customers. When a user signs up for the eNACH, they agree to the system that their due amount is debited from their bank account every month and transferred to the service provider. 

Users may register through their debit card or internet banking service so that you can collect recurring payments automatically from your customers’ bank accounts.

UPI AutoPay: With UPI AutoPay, you may collect automatic payments from your customers using a UPI ID and UPI infrastructure.

PoS Solutions: Using PoS devices, you can deploy customised collection system in your app or website to digitise payments and collections. These solutions can enhance your payment conversion rate and improve your customers’ overall experience. Your customers can select their preferred mode of payment using PoS Solutions offered by FidyPay.

So, if you have recently set up an online business, these banking, payment, and collection solutions offered by FidyPay can help you grow it smartly. Currently handling more than 50,000 transactions every month worth over ₹ 10 Crore, FidyPay has an extensive clientele comprising government, business, and retail clients. 

Offering ready-to-deploy banking, payment, and collection solutions under one platform, FidyPay is an advanced FinTech API system that has been revolutionising the digital economy since 2015. To know more about our products and integrate them into your app or website, get in touch with us today and understand how they work. Once you are satisfied with their working and know how they can benefit your business, we will provide you complete guidance on how to deploy them in your ecosystem and how you can make the best use of them.

Please send us your query at or call us at 623-208-2424 to avail of our services and more information.

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